Hibiscus - Lime

Frequently Asked Questions



How Much Should I Drink?

There is no pat answer to the question of how much to drink. Although it is not a medicine that requires dosing, one 8 oz. serving per day provides enough for the known health benefits. A good rule of thumb is to pay attention to how you feel. Some folks feel great having half a pint a day, some drink half a gallon. If you are drinking for just the pleasure of it, have as much as you want – there is no danger of overdoing it. If you are looking for the health benefits, listen to your gut.



Sugar & caffeine

How much caffeine/sugar is in it?

Without expensive tests, the levels are unknown. For caffeine, it is close to zero. Tea is low in caffeine to begin with. Most people can drink Moss Beach Kombucha into the evening with no noticeable reaction. For sugar, it is best to try it and trust your palate. The only sweetener is sugar for the fermentation (we don't use stevia or any other post-fermentation sweetener). The sweetness is a by-product of the sugar that is left over after fermentation.




Does it need to be refrigerated?

Yes. Because it is a fermented and raw food, kombucha will continue to ferment. Refrigeration slows the fermentation down to almost nothing. It needs from 75°-85° to ferment, so it is safe for a day or so out of the refrigerator, especially in our climate. It is best not to leave it in a hot car. The two things that can happen if you leave it too warm for too long are that it goes sour, or it gets too much carbon dioxide bubbles and the pressure breaks the glass. Unless it pops, it is still safe to drink, it just would no longer be Moss Beach Kombucha. It will be too sour for most palates.



Shelf Life

How long will it keep?

In the refrigerator, it can last six months or longer. Out of the refrigerator, it will get sour in a few weeks to a couple months (depending on temperature). It continues to get more sour whether or not it has been opened. It does not go bad, it just gets more sour.



Flavor Profiles


As it ferments, Kombucha goes from being too sweet to drink to too sour to drink. The art is in stopping it while it is palatable (enough sugar left) and healthy (enough healthy acids and probiotics). As the sugar is eaten by the bacteria & yeast, it creates healthy acids (acetic acid, gluconic acid, glucoronic acid), which give it a flavor profile similar to apple cider vinegar. The bacteria consumes the sugar and tannins in the tea to make probiotics. The more acids that are produced, the more tart or sour it becomes. The more sugar that is eaten, the less sweet and more dry it becomes. Because MBK is a raw and living beverage, each batch will be slightly different with respect to the sweetness and sourness.

Moss Beach Kombucha does not add any sweetener other than the original sugar for the fermentation.